We Buy Junk Cars In Las Cruces And We Offer Reliable Emergency Roadside Assistance

Few things are worse than having a broken car on your property with no feasible way to get rid of it. If this is your situation, you may be dealing with angry neighbors, an irritated landlord, or a noticeable lack of space. You can’t bring home a brand new car until you have your old one towed away. Figuring out how you’ll pay for a tow and still have money for another vehicle just got easier. At Action Towing and Rescue, we help people in this very situation all of the time. We buy junk cars in Las Cruces, and we always give sellers fast, fair, and data-based offers that they can’t refuse.

Although your old, unworking vehicle probably doesn’t mean much to you, it actually has quite a bit of value to us. We’re staffed by seasoned mechanics who know how to get the most from cars, whether they’re in a driveable condition or not. With our extensive experience and all of the right auto salvage equipment, we’re able to part old cars out. Everything from mirrors and seats to carburetors and engines means something to us. Thus, even though your auto appears to lack value, we’ll offer you a reasonable price for it.

Selling to us is infinitely easier than attempting to sell a “mechanic’s special” to a private buyer. You don’t have to worry about local lemon laws and you won’t have to deal with irate consumers when their purchases don’t meet their expectations. We are willing to take your auto exactly as it is, and with absolutely no questions asked.

Best of all, we’re prepared to tow it right off your property. As soon as we’re done, you’ll never have to worry about automotive fluid stains on your driveway or in your parking stall, and you won’t have to hear your neighbors complain about the look of your yard or driveway. In fact, we can even tow your vehicle off when you’re at work if you prefer. You simply need to leave your keys and your title. We’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork and can leave a check behind.

We aren’t just a top-rated junk car removal service either. We also provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance all down the I-25 from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM. Thus, if your vehicle fails when you happen to be a long way from home, we can help you then too. Call 575-523-9337 to get the towing and roadside assistance you need now!

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