The Challenge Of 18 Wheeler Towing In Las Cruces NM

The Challenge Of 18 Wheeler Towing In Las Cruces NM

One of the unfortunate facts about motorized vehicles, is that they break down. This is true of mechanized vehicles of every size and purpose, from 18-wheelers to go-carts. It follows that a towing company must be able to take of breakdowns from each of these types of vehicles. At Action Towing and Rescue, we have a fleet of tow vehicles to take care of each of these breakdowns or accidents with our skilled and experienced drivers. If you are in need of 18 wheeler towing in Las Cruces NM, we are standing by to get your big rig moved safely.

The large truck and trailer rigs are major users of this country’s highways. They haul produce of all types around the clock. When one of the trucks is no longer operating, the cargo load can be a total loss unless it is recovered quickly. Perishable foods don’t last indefinitely, so we understand the need to recover the trailer quickly to avoid economic loss of the vehicle’s payload.

Moving one of these oversize vehicles requires more than just a simple hook-up and go. The fleet truck must have the right equipment to hook onto the stranded vehicle and its payload safely. The driver must have the skills and experience to handle large and often heavy trucks and trailers.

We have the equipment and the experienced personnel to handle truck and trailer tow projects of all sizes. We operate around the clock, throughout our service area, and are able to respond quickly with the right people and equipment to take care of a stranded 18-wheeler as easily as a mini-van.

When time is money and the payload needs to be delivered, we know you don’t want to wait for a tow vehicle to respond. Our professional drivers have the right knowledge to assess every stranded vehicle situation and to resolve the problem efficiently and effectively.

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