How To Prepare Your Truck For Las Cruces NM Oversized Towing Service

Are you looking for Las Cruces NM oversized towing service? Action Towing and Rescue has the most reliable services in Las Cruces and the Southwest region of NM. Call 575-523-9337 to get the hauling and roadside assistance you need now! In case you find yourself in need of help, here’s how to prepare.

Wait in the vehicle

Wait for us while sitting inside your automobile, unless it is unsafe to do so. This is assuming that you’re parked beside the road. Also, keep an eye out for us, so that you can flag us down in case we don’t notice you.

Remove your personal belongings

Remove any personal stuff you have in the vehicle. We don’t offer security for personal belongings inside the car. So, gather your stuff together before we arrive and keep them with you.

Be accessible

Be accessible, so that you can offer guidance on where and how to find you for the semi truck towing assistance. In case you’ll not be on site by the time we arrive, leave your keys in an area where we can access it. You can leave it with someone else or in a close location.

Get your vehicle ready

During heavy duty towing, ensure that your vehicle is ready before we come. For example, if you have any flat tires, fix them. This will make it easier to remove the vehicle. If you can’t then let us know the issue ahead of time. Additionally, if your car has gasoline, turn it off. This minimizes the chances of it catching fire while being transported.

Turn off accessories

There are a number of things that you should turn off. First, close all the windows. Then turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition. Switch off the radio and lights. Also, ensure that there are no passengers in the car when it’s being hooked up.

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